Information overdose[MOJ16]


Imposible Materia[MOJ09]

Do Or Die

Do Or Die’s second descent onto Jupiter comes aboard MOJ number nine. The number of the dragon is the end of a cycle, and this four-track EP comes full circle since the Madrid-based producer’s last expedition. Dance floor-oriented and featuring the kind of electro and breakbeat steamrollers Fernández does best, this latest addition to the interplanetary catalogue comes just in time for the longest nights of the year.

Auf Wiedersehen[MOJ08]

Draculas Lutz & Omar

Number 8—the infinite loop. This eighth dispatch from Jupiter brings news with little precedent.

Prompted by a hasty goodbye to his home of ten years, Nicolas Lutz has teamed up with lifelong confidante Omar to give us the bittersweetly-titled Auf Wiedersehen.
Anyone paying attention will note this as Lutz’s (long-awaited) production debut. And yet, in keeping with the MOJ modus operandi, it comes without either pomp nor circumstance. Auf Wiedersehen, a goodbye as hello, has slipped quietly into this world.

The EP comes clad in a nod to gentleman and child of the night Bela Lugosi. And its three tracks bear echoes of the laconic, acid-tinged electro that’s become a hallmark of both DJs’ aesthetics—a seamless melding of production and selection.

Will there be more? What else can we expect from the duo? From Omar? From Draculas? Questions without use. Unknowns to which the only answer could be: pay attention to what is here, now and tangible. Everything else is pure illusion.



MOJ07 sees the return of Uruguayan musician and philosopher Digregorius with his sophomore release for the label, Alto Astral.

The four-tracker sees the percussionist and producer take a confident step from the darkness that enshrined his previous album on MOJ towards the light. This sonic homage to one’s connection to a higher self (thus, “Astral Height”) feels like a more literal approach to sound. With less left to the imagination thanks to tracks like the electro-heavy “Program 76” and the thumping “Inner Traveller”, this Jupiter-based nod to the Sun, center of our system and giver of life, is one of his most rave-worthy yet.

Alien GF[MOJ06]

Do Or Die

Spanish producer Gito Fernández beams his own Jupiterian messages from Amsterdam, by way of another two-vinyl album. My Own Jupiter’s latest release stays in the dance floor-oriented lane via nine tracks of complex, acid and electro-tinged techno. Inspired by Egyptian priests and their hallowed symbols, Do or Die’s artwork pays homage to the ending of a 26000-year cycle—upon which our original tools are bestowed upon us once again so that we may recover our divine heritage.