Traditional oriental culture dictates that a student of any discipline must hone their skills for years, even decades, before performing their selected craft. And on the planet where it rains rubies and sapphires, this would make Nicolás its seasoned archaeologist. His decades of unearthing gems, dusting them off and sharing them with the world—to create his particular brand of sonic alchemy from any seemingly ordinary record bag—have all led the coveted selector to this precise moment in time. Nico’s work now consists not only of dance floor metaphysics, but of discovering artists and music to celebrate on My Own Jupiter. Trained in the arts of exploration thanks to a record collection habit that was forged on the smoky limits between hobby and obsession, he scouts the farthest reaches of space to come home with not just tracks, but new cosmic family members and bodies of work to showcase on MOJ.
If music is the fire that sublimates emotion, elevating our thoughts and feelings to a higher plane, then visual stimulus is the water that helps condense and incorporate these notions. Touching and seeing is believing, and in Edurne, My Own Jupiter finds its aesthetic keyholder. An avid self-taught student of alchemy and the metaphysical properties of everything from antique fabric to stones, she places emphasis on ancient symbols and archetypes through the use of sacred geometry to bring her vision for the label to life. Trained in reiki and gem therapy, Edurne puts her knowledge to use in healing as well as helping others better receive My Own Jupiter’s message. “I fully believe the success of our project is related to the way this geometry operates on the psyche, because the subconscious is capable of being programmed from the conscious mind. That is to say, we can give it orders and suggestions.”