Holofonic Cuts[MOJ02]

Dimensional Holofonic Sound

American Ben Stokes’ first release in over a decade comes to My Own Jupiter as a natural extension of the sound Nico has become so well-known for. With accompanying artwork centered around the philosopher’s stone, the great anunaki secret of alchemy and ormus—the fabled monoatomic gold—the three-tracker features a re-edit of a longtime Lutz secret weapon. “From Outerspace” thumps alongside two other acid-tinged bangers that seem made for Jupiter.

The Knock Off[MOJ01]

Little Nobody

This two-record EP represents the first awakening, and Nico and Edurne’s initiation into the ways of life on their own Jupiter.

Australian producer and graphic novel writer Andrew Berger has been working as Little Nobody since 1997, though he currently resides in Tokyo with his wife and daughter. This maiden voyage for MOJ showcases not only Berger’s artistic range—the producer’s roots are plantes in techno and electro as much as they are in jazz and hip hop—but Nico’s, in choosing him as the first call to cosmic action on behalf of My Own Jupiter. It is the beginning of the voyage.