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Auf Wiedersehen

Number 8—the infinite loop. This eighth dispatch from Jupiter brings news with little precedent.

Prompted by a hasty goodbye to his home of ten years, Nicolas Lutz has teamed up with lifelong confidante Omar to give us the bittersweetly-titled Auf Wiedersehen.
Anyone paying attention will note this as Lutz’s (long-awaited) production debut. And yet, in keeping with the MOJ modus operandi, it comes without either pomp nor circumstance. Auf Wiedersehen, a goodbye as hello, has slipped quietly into this world.

The EP comes clad in a nod to gentleman and child of the night Bela Lugosi. And its three tracks bear echoes of the laconic, acid-tinged electro that’s become a hallmark of both DJs’ aesthetics—a seamless melding of production and selection.

Will there be more? What else can we expect from the duo? From Omar? From Draculas? Questions without use. Unknowns to which the only answer could be: pay attention to what is here, now and tangible. Everything else is pure illusion.