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Tal Y Tanto Arriba Tal Y Tanto Abajo

For this most ambitious of releases, Nicolas has tapped the fertile resources of his homeland by way of Di Gregorius, a respected member of Uruguay’s creative and musical scene. This LP is the result of 16 years’ worth of personal, spiritual and musical exploration and experimentation. Each of the four records, designated with a healing symbol that matches the different colours associated with each chakra, showcases Di Gregorius’ musical upbringing and experience with everything from folk to electro. Aross 17 eclectic tracks he calls upon the support of friends and colleagues, with enough time to make mention of his beloved Montevideo and his own spiritual transmutation. It is for this reason that the artwork for MOJ004 portrays the Ouroboros serpent, a symbol of eternal cycles and effort, alongside verses from the Emerald Tablet—Hermetica’s most cryptic piece, meant to contain the secret of the prima materia and its transmutation.