MOJ07 sees the return of Uruguayan musician and philosopher Digregorius with his sophomore release for the label, Alto Astral.

The four-tracker sees the percussionist and producer take a confident step from the darkness that enshrined his previous album on MOJ towards the light. This sonic homage to one’s connection to a higher self (thus, “Astral Height”) feels like a more literal approach to sound. With less left to the imagination thanks to tracks like the electro-heavy “Program 76” and the thumping “Inner Traveller”, this Jupiter-based nod to the Sun, center of our system and giver of life, is one of his most rave-worthy yet.

Alien GF[MOJ06]

Do Or Die

Spanish producer Gito Fernández beams his own Jupiterian messages from Amsterdam, by way of another two-vinyl album. My Own Jupiter’s latest release stays in the dance floor-oriented lane via nine tracks of complex, acid and electro-tinged techno. Inspired by Egyptian priests and their hallowed symbols, Do or Die’s artwork pays homage to the ending of a 26000-year cycle—upon which our original tools are bestowed upon us once again so that we may recover our divine heritage.

Ship Of Imagination[MOJ05]


An old friend of the MOJ family is officially included in their sonic circle with this double-pack LP, featuring eight tracks striking a hazy balance between house and techno, with the kind of dry rhythms characteristic of Binh’s sound and Nico’s taste. . Dedication to her son Noah sees Edurne place an ancient Chinese symbol meant to encourage protection and a long, healthy life.

Tal Y Tanto Arriba Tal Y Tanto Abajo[MOJ04]


For this most ambitious of releases, Nicolas has tapped the fertile resources of his homeland by way of Di Gregorius, a respected member of Uruguay’s creative and musical scene. This LP is the result of 16 years’ worth of personal, spiritual and musical exploration and experimentation. Each of the four records, designated with a healing symbol that matches the different colours associated with each chakra, showcases Di Gregorius’ musical upbringing and experience with everything from folk to electro. Aross 17 eclectic tracks he calls upon the support of friends and colleagues, with enough time to make mention of his beloved Montevideo and his own spiritual transmutation. It is for this reason that the artwork for MOJ004 portrays the Ouroboros serpent, a symbol of eternal cycles and effort, alongside verses from the Emerald Tablet—Hermetica’s most cryptic piece, meant to contain the secret of the prima materia and its transmutation.

This Is Tokio[MOJ03]

Little Nobody

Characterised by Edurne with a hauntingly beautiful portrayal of the portal of the second order, this album shines a light on the four elements—fire, water, air and earth. The LP within brings back Little Nobody for another 10 tracks of glitch-inflected, electro-tinged techno

Holofonic Cuts[MOJ02]

Dimensional Holofonic Sound

American Ben Stokes’ first release in over a decade comes to My Own Jupiter as a natural extension of the sound Nico has become so well-known for. With accompanying artwork centered around the philosopher’s stone, the great anunaki secret of alchemy and ormus—the fabled monoatomic gold—the three-tracker features a re-edit of a longtime Lutz secret weapon. “From Outerspace” thumps alongside two other acid-tinged bangers that seem made for Jupiter.

The Knock Off[MOJ01]

Little Nobody

This two-record EP represents the first awakening, and Nico and Edurne’s initiation into the ways of life on their own Jupiter.

Australian producer and graphic novel writer Andrew Berger has been working as Little Nobody since 1997, though he currently resides in Tokyo with his wife and daughter. This maiden voyage for MOJ showcases not only Berger’s artistic range—the producer’s roots are plantes in techno and electro as much as they are in jazz and hip hop—but Nico’s, in choosing him as the first call to cosmic action on behalf of My Own Jupiter. It is the beginning of the voyage.